Starting Monday, May 11th, we will be offering curbside pick-up for library items.











Questions About Curbside Pick-up:

You can borrow DVDs, books, audiobooks & puzzles. All items will go out for their normal lending period. If you have any questions please give us a call at 603-474-2044 or email us at [email protected]

We will confirm via phone or e-mail the date and time you will be stopping by the library. If you are unable to make your scheduled pick up time, please call us at 603-474-2044. Any items not picked up by closing time (2:00PM) on their scheduled day, will go back on our shelves.

Yes! We are quarantining returned items for a minimum of 72 hours and then disinfecting them.

Most of our items have plastic cases or coverings on them. You can use a disinfectant wipe, rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer on a paper towel to carefully wipe down the item.

All items must be returned to our book drop. We have a process in place for quarantining and disinfecting items.

Where is your book drop?

As you walk up to our building you will notice a fire door on the right hand side. Just after that door is a silver handle sticking out from the brick wall. That's our book drop! Just pull the handle down and drop in your items. They will slide into our drop bucket inside.


The library building is currently closed to the public. We have plans in place to gradually reopen the library as safety permits. We will post online and outside our library when we are able to admit people into the building.

We are not able to borrow items from other libraries at this time. Each library in the state has their own timeline for reopening based on safety and community needs.

If you have an item out from another library please return it to the drop box. We will get it back to the owning library as soon as ILL services resume.