• Check in at the front desk to use a computer
  • Printing is 15 cents a page in black and white 
  • Princh printing software allows you to pay with cash or credit card

Self-Serve Fax Machine

  • $1.75 for the 1st page and $1 for each additional page
  • Pay with a credit card or use cash to buy a pre-paid fax card

Self-serve photocopier available

  • 15 cents per page, machine accepts change and $1 bills



Public computers

We have 5 computers that are open to the public (you do not need to have a library card to access them). Simply check-in at the main desk and staff member will put you on an available computer. Printing is .15¢ a page and prints in black and white.


Our wifi is free, and open for anyone visiting the library to connect to.


Our photocopier is coin operated and accepts change and dollar bills. Photocopies are 15¢ a page and print in black and white.


Our fax machine is available for public use and gives step by step instructions. The first page costs $1.75 and every page after that costs $1. Patrons can use a credit card or  use cash to buy a fax card at the front desk.

  • Public Computers