AARP Taxes at the Seabrook Library 

The AARP will be assisting people with taxes this year, but due to covid-19, the process will be different.  Instead of sit down appointments you will need to schedule an appointment to drop off tax documents (Wednesday mornings) and pick up completed taxes (Wednesday afternoons). Here’s how the process will work:

Step 1:  Stop by the Seabrook library anytime between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday to get an information packet and schedule an appointment (You can pick up a packet and then call 474-2044 or e-mail us at [email protected] to make an appointment)

-We will give you an information packet that explains what documents/information AARP will need to do your taxes and includes paperwork for you to sign.  Please Read instructions in the packet carefully.

_We will also schedule you for a 10 minute appointment to drop off your taxes to AARP. (Drop off appointments will be scheduled sometime Wednesday between 9am-noon.)

*You cannot schedule an appointment until you come in and pick up an information packet. 

Step 2: Come into the library to drop off your documents to AARP at your scheduled time

-Bring in your information packet with your name and contact information written on the front, the forms inside signed,  and all your tax documents.

Step 3: Come into the library to pick up your completed taxes 1 week after your drop-off appointment

-Your pick up time will be Wednesday afternoon (between 1:00pm-4pm), one week after your drop-off date.  At this time we are not scheduling specific pick-up times, but may do so in the future if needed.