Unemployment Resources:

To file for unemployment in NH: visit www.nhes.nh.gov and click on the File a Claim for Benefits button on the left side of the homepage, or call the NH Unemployment Assistance Hotline, 603-271-7700.


Job Hunting Resources

Finding & Applying for jobs

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General Job Search Sites:  Monster.com ,   indeed.com 

Tips for creating & updating resumes

List of common Interview Questions


Employment Education

WorkReadyNH continues to offer online classes throughout the summer!  The classes are FREE and they are designed to help participants enhance their soft skills as well as revise their resume and interview skills. 






There is an information session tomorrow, Wed July 22nd, at 9 & 11am!  People may register  at WorkreadyNH. We have WorkReadyNH classes beginning on August 3rd in the morning, afternoon and evening!